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at Zumen?

We are looking for brave hearts with strong work ethics, those who dare to dream big and play in the same field as the other behemoths in global enterprise IT products and solutions. We need passionate professionals to form the core group, seeding the right culture for a future software giant.

We are on the move and always in need of creative engineers with the ambition to change the world in their ways. If you are particularly proficient in SaaS product development or looking to join a software product startup, you are welcome!

No hierarchy here

We don't believe in any structures apart from the ones in the product blueprints.

Scaling Work-life Balance

Zumen offers various paid and other leaves to help employees focus on their health and personal life.

Work bound and not time-bound

We focus on getting the job done without a timer running in the back.

We got you covered

Zumen has you and your family covered with extensive health and life insurances.

Relaxed dress code

Suit up with anything that helps you work and play.

Travel lunch box free

We provide lunch, so that's one less thing to worry about on a Monday morning.

Life at Zumen

People at the center

Zumen strives to create an environment of diversity, creativity and engaging employee experience. We operate on an Employee-first principle fostering bonds that go beyond work.

Room to Explore

At Zumen, we bring creativity to life and foster thinking beyond the cubicle. We believe that behind every great product is a group of individuals with revolutionary and crazy ideas.

Awards & Recognition

It's in our Zumen culture to celebrate every achievement, effort, and contribution. We believe that every moment and effort counts, no matter how big or small.

Grow with the Company

We are on a mission to build Industry-leading solutions, and we believe that our amazing team will help us realize this dream. Join us in our journey to bring about a change.

Employee Stories

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Harishankar Krishnamurthi

Head - Talent acquistion at Zumen Inc
Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

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G S Sri Nava Guru Raj

IT - Recruiter
Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

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