Product Planning

Zumen is the only Procurement (Source-to-Pay) platform that understands how the Product Manufacturing companies manage their various New Product Development & Strategic (Re)Sourcing Programs.

  • Create Programs (Projects)
  • Add Program (Project) Plan
  • Setup Milestones/ Phase-Gates
  • Create & Manage Build Plans
  • Review Build Readiness
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Product Data Management

Zumen is equipped with part-level granularity to manage your Bill of Materials. Track individual line items and ensure accurate flow of product information among all the stakeholders with Zumen’s unified platform.

  • Import, View and Manage Bill of Materials
  • View and Manage Parts Lists
  • Create Item Codes
  • View & Manage Engineering Changes
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Product Development & Sourcing

Zumen offers a scalable, industry-standard format to estimate part costs and ensures that the costing is integrated with Part Life Cycle.

Manage all the sourcing communications and monitor sourcing contracts in real time.

  • Create and Manage multiple RFPs
  • Create and Manage Cost Estimates
  • Send Request for Quotations
  • Perform Quotation Negotiations
  • Perform Sourcing Approvals
  • Create and Manage Purchase Orders (Standard, Blanket, Spot)
  • Monitor and Review Ordered Parts Status
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Supplier Relationship Management

A comprehensive dashboard for searching and onboarding new suppliers, managing negotiations, monitoring supplier performance, and managing supplier relationships with ease.

Zumen offers the opportunity to discover and engage with new suppliers with a single click, and the onboarding process is handled completely online.

  • Add, View and Manage Suppliers
  • Evaluate Suppliers
  • Monitor and Review Supplier Dashboards
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Procurement Dashboard and Action Overview

Stay connected with your entire Source-to-Pay process with Zumen’s comprehensive dashboard. This all-inclusive module integrates data from multiple sources and exposes users to any pending actions that require immediate attention.

  • Get Tasks/Approvals Updates and Notifications
  • Perform Required Actions
  • Visibility into Realtime Sourcing Progress
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Budgeting & Spend Management

Zumen consolidates every budget item and tracks the status against each item with all the relevant documents in a single system. This allows a strategic advantage on spending with a clear and straightforward spend approval process.

  • Create and Manage Budget Cycle and Budget Items
  • Execute Budget Approvals
  • Monitor and Review Budget Spends
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PLM and ERP Integration

Real-time and end-to-end data visibility, process streamlining, and reduced costs. Achieve this and more with Zumen’s integration framework! Zumen’s pre-built connectors make it very simple to connect with PLMs such as Teamcenter and Windchill and ERPs such as SAP, Oracle, JDE and others.

  • Integrate with PLM
  • Integrate with ERP
  • Works with Excel
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Introducing Zumen Supplier Portal

A Collaborative Material Planning Platform

Send supplier schedules. Receive supplier commitments.
Optimize production plan.

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Use Zumen for your day-to-day supplier collaboration needs

Communicate Supplier Schedules

  • Communicate monthly, weekly and daily breakdown of estimated demand
  • Specify timelines for supplier commitment receipt
  • Chat with suppliers

Receive Supplier Commitments

  • Send reminders to suppliers who’ve not responded
  • Analyze commitment data and engage with suppliers as required

Enable Advance Shipment Notices

  • Enable suppliers to create and send ASNs
  • Review and approve ASNs
  • Control inbound inventory through ASN approvals

Optimize Production Plan based on Supplier Commitments

You don’t have to be in the dark anymore on the supplier commitments. Gather feedback from suppliers commitment and shipment notices and iterate the plan for optimal outcome. No more waiting for the material to show up and no more panic due to missed shipments

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What makes Zumen Supplier Portal

  • Supplier Schedules
  • Supplier Commitments
  • Advance Shipment Notice
Supplier Schedules

Send monthly, weekly and daily breakdown of estimated demand for parts for a specified period of time

  • Provide sufficient time to suppliers for commitment planning and production preparation
  • Cut down manual creation of individual emails for each supplier
  • Avoid confusion looking up past emails for schedule revisions. Revised emails sent automatically in Zumen
  • Look at all supplier schedule versions in one place without having to look through 100s of emails
  • Eliminate lead time from MRP and Supplier Communication
Supplier Commitments

Buyers receive commitments provided by suppliers and make adjustments to the production plan to ensure supply meets demand

  • Make it easier for suppliers to communicate their plan vs schedule (forecast)
  • Eliminate confusion caused by receiving tens and hundreds of emails on supplier commitments
  • Remove manual consolidation of supplier commitment data
  • Make it easier to collaborate and revise schedule vs commitment
Advance Shipment Notice

Communicate shipping details to buyer ahead of shipment date

  • Eliminate anxiety caused by being in the dark about shipment status
  • Creates visibility for in-transit material
  • Avoid inventory buildup by controlling supplier shipments
  • Accelerate goods receipt in the warehouse
  • Provides visibility on goods inward thereby saving time looking for material in the warehouse

Upgrade for advanced
collaboration & ERP integration

Zumen Supplier Portal seamlessly integrates with your ERP to automatically communicate revised schedules

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