Strategic Sourcing and Cost Management are the backbone of your business profitability and you need the best tool to manage them

It’s a lot more than just fulfilling material requests. You need the right software to help select the right suppliers, compare and highlight quotations, allow for negotiations and to roll-up part costs & BOM costs, manage quality and handle invoices. Who would you rather talk to when discussing about NPD process requirements, Dual Sourcing, PPAP, Engineering Deviations, Credit & Debit notes in case of quality rejections as part of procurement process?

Are you still managing the sourcing process manually?

Zumen understands your pain and the incredible efforts from your team in delivering the product at the right cost and quality and at the right time.

Do you still use multiple systems & spreadsheets for Procurement?

Are your RFX, Contracts Management, Purchase Orders, Supplier Quality, ASN, Incoming Inspections, Build Readiness Tracking, Invoice Processing & Supplier Management conducted in multiple disconnected systems?

Don’t you think it is time that all these inherently connected processes should also be possible in a single system?

With in-built integrations, you can have a single system for entire Source-to-Pay in days!

Are you worried about the ROI & Deployment Time for Procurement Software?

Implementing a critical business software shouldn’t require millions of dollars and years before you see them in action

Zumen is a truly Zero-Code setup software, using templates and configurable workflows for enterprises of all sizes.

Zero upfront investment; Deploy within days any complex Direct Material Sourcing Process

As easy as 1-2-3

1. Zero Implementation Overhead

2. Signup in minutes

3. Take a Test Drive

Established Companies

Realize Product Cost Targets Faster

You already have a robust sourcing process and very happy with the strong capabilities and the discipline of your team…

Zumen offers you the best tool to

  • Implement your existing process exactly the way you have it today
  • Eliminate 100’s of spreadsheets
  • Replace several small isolated software
  • Improve Collaboration
  • Centralize Sourcing for multiple entities

Achieve 10X Productivity

Emerging & Growing Enterprises

Manage the Projects better & Achieve Faster Time-to-Market

You have a good sourcing process and out-growing your existing checks and balances

Now is the time to migrate to a platform that

  • Scales with your rapidly growing business
  • Guides the team with a user friendly application
  • Implements a globally compliant sourcing process

Set yourself up for success journey with a lightweight and easy-to-setup software.

Why Zumen?

70% of your spending is on Direct Material Procurement

Yet, every one of them talk about Indirect Procurement… the truth is, they lack the expertise to help you on Direct Material Procurement & Product Costing process. Only Zumen offers the incredible in-depth features to handle all kinds of situations with Direct Material Procurement at every stage of the part lifecycle. That also comes with one of the most practical ways of budgeting and spend tracking on InDirect Procurement.

Here’s what users have been saying about us

“ Absolutely! By far the best workflow and project management software . I have came across. ”
Worked Awesome .

You will love the Zumen experience.

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