Pandemic Diaries - Episode 02

May 08, 2021
Zumen | Employee Stories Episode 2

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about an HR professional of an organization? I for one always pictured a busy gentleman or lady, clad in professional clothing and having a stoic expression on their face. I wasn’t stereotyping, it’s just that I’ve been in the field for more than a decade, and at my age and experience this is generally the type of HR that you meet. Anyway, there was a reason I was pondering such questions. The next day would be my first day at Zumen and I was pretty excited.

I woke up early the next morning and got ready for my first day with neatly combed hair and a neatly pressed shirt. I was dressed to compete with the HR whom I’ve interacted with only through calls thus far. I reached the office premises a little early. I wasn’t particularly enthusiastic about the induction program. It’s generally a spree of document signing and boring slide shows. While I was lost in thoughts I was called in by HR. Oh well, I thought to myself, might as well get it over with.

You could imagine my surprise to meet a charismatic man with a warm smile, dressed in a t-shirt and shorts. For a second I thought I might have come to the wrong floor or building. He took me out for coffee where we discussed a lot of interesting topics. I learned that he was a marathoner. Amidst the discussion about the organization, one particular statement caught my attention. Hari stated, “Zumen is built on the principle of T&T – Truth, and Trust, and of course, t-shirts,” he said with a wink. He must have noticed my confused stare much earlier

I signed the documents, after which I shook hands with Hari as he welcomed me officially into the Zumen family. The next few days were nothing that I’ve experienced in my decade-long career. A CEO who was as open-minded as he was friendly, a talented team who engaged and inspired one another, and an organization that was young at heart and steadfast in its goal. I felt just as excited even after ten days, as I slipped on my polo shirt and picked up the keys.


Manekshaw Anand

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