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A New Hope

Business | December 30, 2022 | By zumen A New Hope Poem

We thrive on hope. 

Hope gets us out of the bed,

Hope energizes us, 

Hope channelizes our focus, and helps us overcome our fears. 


Humankind has gone through a lot this past year. There have been unprecedented struggles that shook everyone, struggles that transcended boundaries, and struggles that were once unconquerable. And in the fight against the dark, we came together as one and fought with gut and gumption. The fight still continues, but in us, we believe, to conquer victory and see the light. 


2023, here we come. 


Before the dawn of a new year, 

Here’s a chance to reminisce the past year;

Weighing the good, the bad,

We shall not regret it a tad

For ‘Twas a roller coaster ride with memories:

A medley of smiles and worries. 


Buoyed at the hope of a new year coming,

We shall embrace what’s becoming:

To a world that’s brighter, filled with hope

A chance to learn, to grow, to cope.

It is time for us to rebound,

In a world where love and hope abound.


With refreshed spirits, we shall write:

“Every day devoid of fright,

We’ll be bold, we’ll be courageous,

We may struggle, we may fall, but still, we’ll be tenacious,

For life is beautiful, with moments so precious and few.”

Wishing you a Happy New Year, from us to you.

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