Optimize Product Cost and Increase profitability

Get a live view of cost at any time during the Product Life Cycle and
achieve the right product cost with insights into every Procurement function.

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Unified sourcing tools that drive Cost Optimization

Sourcing teams go the distance in their supplier selection process. Zumen helps provide the backup they need with data that helps them evaluate the current proposal. Procurement teams can conduct better negotiations with a centralized repository of all communication, revisions and with access to

  • Detailed supplier quotations

  • Part purchase history

  • Raw material price updates

  • Online and synchronous negotiations

  • Better cost through supplier cost targets and reverse auctions

Seamless Cost Estimation

Zumen helps capture every activity along the cost approval process to make it easy and effortless. The unified platform bridges the ambiguity gap between the approved and arrived cost and facilitates a seamless cost approval process with options to

  • Create internal cost estimates for every part

  • Compare various cost estimates and actual POs for Reference Parts

  • Allow category/commodity buyers to estimate costs

  • Pull up relevant costs from ERP automatically for every context


Make informed
Business Decisions

Accessing data in a multi-tier process is not easy as it is scattered and has to be pulled out from multiple sources. This stretches the decision-making process into days, weeks, or sometimes months. An end-to-end sourcing tool like Zumen helps capture, analyze, and populate crucial data, saving countless hours with data such as

  • Roll-up BOM costs from individual part cost estimates, Buyer cost estimates, and actual PO

  • Compare multiple BOM costs in a single click

  • Automatic Costing for new products

  • Automated prioritization of payments based on terms on Invoices

Leverage productivity for positive cost impact

Bring all relevant info together in one place for the sourcing team to make decisions. Zumen’s high customization and integration help you do more with data. Features like BoM access control help your team understand production costs without involving the engineering and design teams. Reduce Maverick spending and promote strategic planning in your NPD process with better insights into

  • Negotiation timelines

  • The various material cost trends

  • Distribution of raw material sourcing between suppliers

  • Supplier-wise cost analysis of a product

  • Visibility of a cost of a part in a BoM


Arriving at the right Product cost needs more than just settling at the lowest supplier quotations, analyzing spreadsheets,
and number crunching. Zumen’s comprehensive sourcing platform is designed to streamline all your efforts and translate them
into an optimized product cost and better profitability

Achieve Optimized Product Cost with an
end-to-end Sourcing Platform

Think Sourcing, Think Zumen

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