Product Planning

Zumen is the only Procurement (Source-to-Pay) platform that understands how the Product Manufacturing companies manage their various New Product Development & Strategic (Re)Sourcing Programs.

  • Create Programs (Projects)
  • Add Program (Project) Plan
  • Setup Milestones/ Phase-Gates
  • Create & Manage Build Plans
  • Review Build Readiness
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Product Data Management

Zumen is equipped with part-level granularity to manage your Bill of Materials. Track individual line items and ensure accurate flow of product information among all the stakeholders with Zumen’s unified platform.

  • Import, View and Manage Bill of Materials
  • View and Manage Parts Lists
  • Create Item Codes
  • View & Manage Engineering Changes
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Product Development & Sourcing

Zumen offers a scalable, industry-standard format to estimate part costs and ensures that the costing is integrated with Part Life Cycle.

Manage all the sourcing communications and monitor sourcing contracts in real time.

  • Create and Manage multiple RFPs
  • Create and Manage Cost Estimates
  • Send Request for Quotations
  • Perform Quotation Negotiations
  • Perform Sourcing Approvals
  • Create and Manage Purchase Orders (Standard, Blanket, Spot)
  • Monitor and Review Ordered Parts Status
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Supplier Relationship Management

A comprehensive dashboard for searching and onboarding new suppliers, managing negotiations, monitoring supplier performance, and managing supplier relationships with ease.

Zumen offers the opportunity to discover and engage with new suppliers with a single click, and the onboarding process is handled completely online.

  • Add, View and Manage Suppliers
  • Evaluate Suppliers
  • Monitor and Review Supplier Dashboards
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Procurement Dashboard and Action Overview

Stay connected with your entire Source-to-Pay process with Zumen’s comprehensive dashboard. This all-inclusive module integrates data from multiple sources and exposes users to any pending actions that require immediate attention.

  • Get Tasks/Approvals Updates and Notifications
  • Perform Required Actions
  • Visibility into Realtime Sourcing Progress
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Budgeting & Spend Management

Zumen consolidates every budget item and tracks the status against each item with all the relevant documents in a single system. This allows a strategic advantage on spending with a clear and straightforward spend approval process.

  • Create and Manage Budget Cycle and Budget Items
  • Execute Budget Approvals
  • Monitor and Review Budget Spends
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PLM and ERP Integration

Real-time and end-to-end data visibility, process streamlining, and reduced costs. Achieve this and more with Zumen’s integration framework! Zumen’s pre-built connectors make it very simple to connect with PLMs such as Teamcenter and Windchill and ERPs such as SAP, Oracle, JDE and others.

  • Integrate with PLM
  • Integrate with ERP
  • Works with Excel
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Feature List for Vendor Evaluation

Here is the detailed feature list for choosing the right direct procurement and sourcing software.
Gather vendor list. Compare the features. Partner with the best.

Download the feature list as a spreadsheet


Feature list for vendor evaluation

  • User Profile Management

    User-friendly web portal

    Availability of SSO login

    Multi-factor Authentication

    Exhaustive list of manufacturing industry user profiles with capability to add more

    Ability to grant/restrict access to specific modules irrespective of user profile

    Customization (configuration) of approval work flows

    Reassign actions from current users to new users

  • Using Templates for faster setup


    Supplier data collection

    Supplier List maintenance

    Supplier Registration


    Buyer Organization setup using templates

    Upload and process Open PO (historic) data

    Creation of user profiles (adding 100s of users and their roles & responsibilities in a single click)

    Import inventory and warehouse data

  • Configuring Buyer Organizations in Admin

    Configure cost-centres and spending categories

    Manage domestic and global Legal entity data

    Handle legacy data using spreadsheet (templates)

    Import Master legacy data from ERP

    Replace standard terminologies with organization specific terminologies

    Currency conversion and exchange rate management

    Manage Financial years setup, annual operating plans, forecasts and budgets


    — User profiles (User roles & responsibilities)

    — Make/Buy options

    — Part-Maturity Types

    — Part Numbering Rule

    — User Notifications

    — Column-mapping for Quotation, PO, Inventory & Warehouse spreadsheet columns

    — Build Plan

    — PO Options

    — PO Document Release Options

  • ERP Integration

    One click integration with standard APIs

    Configure read-only or read-write access in ERP

    Create and test connections

    Create user logins

    Read standard and blanket POs from ERP

    Create, edit, and release purchase orders in ERP through Zumen

    Access PO PDF from ERP

    Read item details by item code, part number

    Read cost estimation data of items

    Read and update exchange rates

    Read inventory based on date, item and warehouse

    Read warehouse transactions based on date, item and warehouse

    Create and read master data of supplier

    Read invoice and payment details based on PO and invoice number

    Read organisation details and WBS Structure details

    Read and edit MRP details

    Execute MRP Run

    Create, read and approve purchase requests to ERP

    Read master data from ERP:

    — Tax Codes

    — Tax Types

    — Business Partner Groups

    — Commodities

    — Item Groups

    — Warehouses

    — HSN codes

    — SAC codes

    — Freight details

    — Locations

    — Price Lists

    — Administration details

  • PLM Integration

    One click integration with standard APIs

    Read all levels of a BOM

    Read & access 2D drawings

    Read & access 2D data

    Conversion of 3D models for formats and quick views

    Transfer BOM from PLM

    Enable sharing of 2D drawings with suppliers

    Enable sharing of 2D data with suppliers

    Access Project lists and master data

    Read Project plans and milestone dates

    Read Item revision status from PLM

  • Application Programming Interface (API) Integration

    Integrate multiple APIs

    Archive API Integrations

    View and manage active and inactive APIs

    Check integration connection success/failure when adding a connection

  • Supplier Registration

    Supplier registration using digital form submission (customizable form)

    Onboarding of New Suppliers

    Registration of multiple Suppliers at one-go

    Supplier registration approval workflow (STA/Quality/Location)

    Save domestic and international bank information

    Supplier Detail Page

    Record of Supplier documents:

    –Void Check for bank information

    –Submitted IDs (PAN Card, ITIN, NIN, etc.)

    –Tax registration certificates

    –Share and execute NDAs

    –Company Incorporation Certificates

    –Tax Returns

    –Supplier-signed agreement copies

    –Supplier Business Information

    –Supplier Equipment Details

    –Supplier Capacity by item

    –Supplier Quality and Environmental Certifications

    –Supplier Certifications Expiry Alerts

    –Supplier Warranty Policies

    –Supplier Logistics Details (Port Details – Nearest Port, Alternative Port, etc)

    –Supplier Infrastructure Audit documents

    List of Approved suppliers

    Supplier registration approval workflow (STA/Quality)

    Supplier Share of Business Management

    Supplier Contract Management

    Supplier Instructions and Templates:

    –Buyers can add documents, links (With Version and Access Control)

    –Suppliers can View/Download the documents/Links

  • Commodity-wise (category) Supplier Repository

    View Suppliers by commodity

    Create and maintain sourcing strategy (preferred suppliers) by commodity

  • Supplier Status Availability

    Maintain Approved Supplier List with Active/Inactive Status

    Activate/Deactivate suppliers (globally/location-wise)

    Manage New Business Hold

  • Supplier Evaluation by the Buyer

    Implement organization specific supplier evaluation process

    Create/Draft supplier evaluation templates

    Approve multiple commodity-based supplier evaluation templates

    Maintain revisions of evaluation templates

    Assign multiple evaluation criteria

    Assign weightage to evaluation criteria

    Upload documents to support evaluation

    Maintain a list of completed supplier evaluations

  • Supplier Dashboard

    Access a realtime dashboard on individual and consolidated supplier performance

    Evaluate supplier health based on value, delivery and quality

    Evaluate supplier health based on delivery vs quality (individual/bulk)

    View data on Product Cost Improvement (lifetime)

    Compare estimated and settled cost

    View capital tooling data tables

    View pending deliveries from suppliers

    View suppliers based on purchasing value

    View Price-break data

    View top suppliers based on order value

    View top suppliers based in ratings

    Supplier Accounts Payable information

  • Sourcing Dashboard

    Analytical & graphical representation of the sourcing cycle

    Dashboard with real-time updates of sourcing stages

    Advanced Dashboard with pivot table generation

    Part Status tracking based on Part Maturity Types

    Commodity-based part status tracking

    Tracking readiness of development parts and carry over parts

    Tracking user & team specific pending actions

  • Build Plan

    Location-wise Build Plan creation

    Creating Build plans based on Reference variant (BOM)

    Phase-wise build plan creation

    Time-based build plan creation

    Program-based Build Plan creation

    Build Plan Readiness Tracking

    Assembly Level Build Phase management

  • Program Management

    Create and manage Programs (Major & Minor Programs)

    Import Program from ERP

    Import Program from PLM

    Assign Program Managers to Major & Minor Programs

    Program Validity assignment

    Define Program Milestone Dates

    Configure Project Stage Gates

  • Product Data & Part Management

    Importing Product Data from PLM

    Importing Item Codes from ERP

    Update Engineering release status from PLM

    Import commodity data from ERP

    Product Data – Revision Management & Revision Alerts

    Engineering Change Management

    View comparitive cost data

    Compare multiple BOMs, Partlists and Add-Delete

    Share 3D & 2D Design files using Zumen

    Share Specification files of different formats

    View parts based on system

    Automatic creation of parts

    Make and manage changes in BOMs

    Calendar view of BOM History

    View BOM History based on BOM changes

    Replace & Revise BOMs

    Hierarchical view of parts in Bill of Material

    View parts based on supply chain and sourcing stages

    Distinctly view New and carry over parts in the system

    Perform simultaneous edit actions to part information

    Manage Part Master Data

    Age-wise user action reporting with time stamps

    Categorise parts based on Component Types

    View Part history and sourcing timeline

    Retrieve complete part details in a single-step using the universal search bar

  • Floating Request For Purchase (RFP) through the system

    Create/Modify RFP for multiple parts at a time

    Approve RFP for multiple parts at a time

    Internal communication for RFx processing

    Configure RFP approval work flows

    System automated RFP for re-sourced parts

    RFP Tagging for re-sourced parts

    RFx processing for different Part Maturity types

  • Technical Review [Feasibility Report and Pre-RFQ]

    Process Pre-RFQs to multiple Suppliers

    Option to make Technical Feasibility report mandatory when send RFQs

    Submission of Technical Review Reports by Supplier

    View supplier business status availability while selecting suppliers for RFQ

    Communicate with Suppliers with Supplier Chat – Send Attachments, Negotiate terms and conditions

    Sharing of supplier drawings for technical review

    Re-submission of Technical Review (If required)

    Approval of Technical Review through system

    3D drawing files not shared by default

    Supplier drawing approvals through system

    Technical Review Sign off with QA and R&D in system

  • Material Requirements Planning

    Upload part or BOM level production plan – Supplier

    Sort the plan based on production date/supplier target dispatch date

    Request production plan from suppliers with set target delivery dates

    In-context communication wit regards to the production plan

    Option to automatically apply previous commitment details

    View plan by part, plant, supplier

    View plan by weekly, montly, yearly, or any custom time periods

    Chart view for part availability against demand for specified time period

    Criticality indicator of the number of parts required for a week – high, medium, low

    Send reminders to suppliers who have not shared the plan

    Material Requirements Plan Dashboard:

    –View Shortage Summary Status for all parts or for a particular plan

    –View total parts, no of suppliers, high criticality parts, parts shortage, parts coverage by plant and by units in the selected list

    –Based on the parts availability/commited view coverage of high criticality parts, parts shortage, plants and units covered

    –Demand vs Stock vs Commitment comparison

    –View decrease or increase in the count of projected availability of parts

    –Weekwise comparison of actual delivery against commitment

    –Supplier commitment matrix – comparing supplier commitment against demand

    –Volume variant chart to prioritize requirement by location and units

    –Optimize planning based on cost/revenue/margin/no of units

    –View planned production against supplier’s commitment and capacity

    –Categorize supplier based on commitments as low, medium, and high risks

    –Evaluate overall supplier health based on commitments against demand

  • Quotation processing & cost estimation (for direct purchase)

    Internal Estimation and costing in system

    Tool Cost & Part Cost Estimation by Value Analyst

    Tool Cost & Part Cost Estimation by Buyer

    Requesting sample by issuing sample PO

    Process Multi-part quotations and Detailed quotations

    Upload quotations driven by Artificial Intelligence & ML

    Receive supplier quotations with detailed cost workings

    Reverse Auctioning between suppliers

    Closed Bidding between Suppliers

    Merging of RFQs for re-sourced Parts

    Compare quotations of all suppliers

    Perform Margin Analysis using Average Selling Price and Unit Rate Quoted by Supplier

    Perform Bulk Sourcing – Take Action on Multiple RFQs at Once

    Perform Program Wise Approval for Quotations

    Setup Customized Sourcing Committee scoring parameters

    View Sourcing Committee Scores for quotations,

    View Total Lifetime cost of the Part

    Cost benchmarking of similar parts/products

    Manage revisions of submitted supplier quotations

    Buyer-Supplier Negotiations after submission of quotations

    Supplier negotiation prior to submission of quotations

    File sharing during negotiations

    Preview and download quotations sent by suppliers

    List based on L1,L2 and L3 quotations from suppliers

    Send Reminders to Suppliers who have not yet submitted the quotes

  • Sourcing Selection

    Approve suppliers selected for sourcing of parts

    Configure Sourcing Approval Workflows

    Record Sourcing council recommendations

    Sourcing Selection based on Part Maturity Types

  • Strategic Sourcing

    Strategic Sourcing based on commodity

    Configure Strategic Sourcing Approval Workflows

    Maintain list of preferred suppliers

    Formulate average volume per component

    Record Strategic Description

  • Raw Material Management

    Create and manage new Raw Material (Buyer)

    Create new Raw Material (Supplier)

    Configure Raw Material Approval Workflows for Buyer & Supplier

    Availability of a Raw Material Rate Change Agreement Template

    Maintain Raw Material Rate Change Agreements

    Raw Material Indexation

    Manage Preferred Source Lists

    Amend quotations based on Raw Material rate changes

    Record historical rate change data

  • Purchase Orders (POs)

    Draft and Manage Standard, Blanket, and Spot POs

    Create and Manage PO Releases

    Configure PO Approval Workflows based on price/value

    Select multiple currencies in a single PO

    Select multiple addresses in a single PO

    Amend released POs

    Capture and overwrite HSN Codes

    Renew Blanket Releases

    Maintain historical PO data

    Automatic update of PO unit price based on raw material rate change

    Import PO data using spreadsheets

    Review and update Part Order Status (Open PO)

  • Product Cost Approval (PCA)

    Create and Manage Product Cost Approval

    Compare costs of BOMs, Part-Lists and Add-Delete

    Cost impact and savings analyses

    Cost Approval by New Parts List/ Add-Delete

    Cost Comparison & Approval – Parallel and series workflow approvals

    NPD Stage Gate Process Mapping

  • Summary Part Status

    Review status of orders

    Advanced Summary Part Status for tracking part orders

    Track shipment orders

    Send Reminder to Update Part Tracking information

    Create Advanced Shipment Notice – Supplier

    Review Advanced Shipment Notice (ASN) from supplier

    Review Freight forwarding data from supplier

    Track material receipt status and inwarding with Quality check, GRN and Invoice details

    Request Part Development status updates from Supplier

    Perform Incoming Inspection for quality assurance

    Batch-wise part quality inspection by quality engineer

  • Quotation cost Comparison

    Cost analysis w.r.t bidder quotations and estimation

    Cost comparison w.r.t best supplier quote for reference part, current supplier value for the part, and internal estimates for current and reference part

    Cost Comparison w.r.t Target price

  • Proto Cost

    Supplier quotation submission for Proto cost

    Finalising Proto cost via application

    Amend quantity for Proto PO

    Amend rate for Proto PO

  • Tooling Cost

    Tooling cost comparison

    Benchmark tooling costs w.r.t tool cost paid

    Calculate tooling cost Amortization (Number of Parts/Quantity)

    Finalize Tooling Cost via application

    Part-based Tool Mapping (Tool View/ Part View): Tool-Part Matrix

  • Price / Cost Approval Process

    Part price finalization through system

    LOI Release

    Proto price finalization through system

    Tooling cost finalization through system

    Financial Control (FC) for tooling cost approval through system

  • Tooling Payment

    Advance Tooling payment release request through system

    Status of advance payment release

    Tooling invoice generation by supplier through system

    Status of tooling payment release

    Annual submission of Tool Holding certificate by supplier

  • First Off Sample (FOS) - Submission

    Report submission with respect to balloon drawing

    Submission of Part performance report

    FOS Feedback submission to supplier

    Re-submission of FOS with corrective action

    FOS Approval by Quality team

    Release Mass Production drawings

  • Fitment Trial Report (FTR)

    Fitment Trial Report Submission

    Fitment Trial Report approval through quality, Production, R&D

    Fitment Trial Report approval Marketing (wherever applicable)

    FTR Feedback to supplier (wherever applicable)

  • Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)

    Sharing of PPAP Documents

    Feedback exchange on submitted PPAP documents

    Upload PPAP documents that are organisation-specific

    Monitor and address PPAP document deviations

    Specify if incoming inspection needed/not needed

    PPAP documents re-submission (if required)

    Approve, Send back or Reject submitted documents

    Approve with/without deviation

    Process and sign Part Submission Warrant (PSW)

    Determine supplier capacity based on PPAP

  • Update Part Status - Supplier Side

    Update Freight forwarding data

    Shipment order tracking

    Create multiple partial Shipments of part orders

    Upload Proforma Invoice Documents

  • Purchase Contracts

    Draft and Approve Purchase Contracts

    View existing purchase contracts

  • Inventory & Warehouse Management

    Import and Update Inventory data from spreadsheets

    Create multiple warehouses in the application

    Edit and manage warehouse details

    Create and edit Warehouse Racks/Bins

    Import Warehouse Transactions from spreadsheets

    Goods Receipt Note (GRN) Updation

  • Price Change Request

    Edit and submit revised quotation with price changes before suppliers are selected

    Request price change PO after release

    Request price change after invoice check (when buyer raises for price mismatch)

    History of price change captured

    Approve Price change after PO release

    View affected POs after price change

    Approve ammended POs after price change request from supplier

  • Customer Support & Help

    24/7 Virtual Help Assistant (Chatbot)

    Page-wise in-app help content

    Step-by-step guidance within application

  • Others

    Supplier list with all approved suppliers showing supplier indicators, performance (delivery, quality, purchase value), list of commodities handled, supplier availability status, etc

    Compact View in all screens for spreadsheet experience

    Bookmarks for quick navigation

    In-context Supplier Communication at every sourcing stage

  • It is important to choose from a vendor who has deep expertise in this area, with a definite
    product roadmap.

    Download the complete feature list comparison as a spreadsheet


    It is time the software tools catch up
    with the Direct Material Procurement Lifecycle