ACMA’S 62nd Annual Session

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Hotel Taj Palace | Delhi, India

Moving the wheels in your
Procurement Process

Zumen enables Automotive Organizations to effortlessly manage

100's of Suppliers
1000's of Parts, and
1000000's of Communications

to keep track and launch products at the optimal Time, Cost and Quality

Get 360 Visibility and Traceability

100% elimination of errors due to manual tasks

Single Platform for end-to-end process


to go-live*


Faster time to market


Reduction in Lead Time

Free up procurement teams from non-value added tasks

Automotive organizations have been held behind in their sourcing due to lack of a dedicated procurement tool. Not anymore. Zumen is the modern and the most comprehensive source to contract software custom made for product manufacturing companies to manage their direct material sourcing efficiently.

The rapid transformation in the entire automotive value chain has hindered visibility into procurement process. Zumen helps analyze and optimize your procurement process with complete transparency and visibility.