Complete the Supplier On-Boarding Online

Follow a clear and simple process to complete the Due-diligence

  • Online Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Supplier Rating
  • Eliminate Duplication of Efforts
  • Complete view of supplier lifecycle
  • Documentation & Traceability
  • Single window communication
  • Supplier Performance benchmarking


Send Request For Quotations (RFQs) in one click

Eliminate need for gathering and packaging information to be shared with the suppliers, requesting for quotations.

  • Sourcing Strategy
  • Automatic Product Data Lookup
  • Review & Markup Drawings Electronically
  • Peak Volume Requirements
  • Overlay Capacity Constraints
  • Easy & Transparent Supplier Selection
  • Track deliverables against targets

Sourcing Selection

Complete your supplier selection for a part within a single window

Review your supplier responses and negotiate, all at the same place

  • See Quotations Side-by-Side
  • Compare Should Costs
  • Eliminate emails and attachments
  • Ensure Complete Responses
  • Capture Pricebreaks
  • Apply PriceBreak Automatically

Technical Cost Estimate

Use a scaleable, industry standard format to estimate individual part cost costs

Your internal product cost and Value Analysis team can use the same platform to complete their work

  • Structured Costing
  • Track & Control Product Costs
  • Compare with Supplier Quotes
  • Integrated Costing
  • Costing integrated with Part Life Cycle

Sourcing Status

Monitor your program in real time

Get status of every part and every program at all times

  • Real-Time Part Status
  • Status update by the suppliers
  • Track Online

Part Life Cycle

Get the full part history in one place
  • Complete Part History in one place
  • Follow Part Quality Approval
  • Life-Cycle Events on timeline
  • Share-of-Business Scenarios
  • Complete Documentation
  • Multiple RFQ & Sourcing Strategy

Part Approval

Follow part inspections & production part approvals

Create a platform for the suppliers, buyers, SQEs and Designers to review the part quality together.

  • One Place for PPAP Documentation
  • Review & Add Comments
  • Approve and reject parts
  • Reciord Deviations

MRP Integration

Production Requirements

Approved production conveyed directly to the suppliers

  • S&OP to Production Plan
  • Production Plan to Blanket Releases
  • Optimized Supplier Share-Of-Business
  • Factor-in Capacity Constraints
  • Share plan with a ‘Click’
  • Balance Cost Vs Delivery

Unique purchase request Id's

Create a Life-Cycle for Indirect Purchase Requests

Manage the purchase request throughout the life cycle from a single page

  • Track individual items
  • Budget Items to Purchase Requests
  • Live Spend Status
  • Targets & Deliverables at RFQ
  • CAPEX Project Milestones

Online Quotation Message

Engage with your suppliers online

Get suppliers to create quotations online, record negotiations and see all in one place.

  • Online Quotations
  • Tools, Raw Materials Processes & Services
  • Create Templates & Copies
  • Link to Commodity Index
  • Read from all quotation formats

Spend Approvals

Execute good control on spending

Just like it is expected of any large organizations, prioritize spending in the organization through a clear and straight forward spend approval process

  • By cost centers
  • By accounts
  • By spend levels
  • By Purchase Order Types

Purchase Orders

Generate multiple types of purchase orders

Choose depending on your need for single or multiple recurring needs

  • Standard Purchase Orders
  • Blanket Purchase Agreements
  • Blanket Orders to Schedule Orders
  • Blanket and Scheduled Releases
  • Spot Buy Orders
  • Release directly to suppliers
  • Push updates to ERP


Create, approve and send contracts directly to the suppliers
  • E-Contracts – Zero Offline Requirements
  • All purchasing contracts in one place
  • Contract Templates
  • Contracts for Direct & Indirect
  • Reminders for renewals
  • Traceability on Contract Clauses
  • Track Individual Items
  • Online Approvals – Full Compliance

New Suppliers

Opportunity to Find and Engage New Suppliers

Simply with the click of a button, send RFQ to any supplier currently not in your supply base

  • Search & On-board new suppliers
  • Add new suppliers
  • Source through bidding