Zumen is the only platform that integrates the production plan with the entire product lifecycle.

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  • Create and Manage Programs
  • Create and Manage Build Plan
  • Review Build Readiness

Zumen is equipped with part-level granularity to manage your Bill of Materials. Track individual line items and ensure accurate flow of product information among all the stakeholders with Zumen’s unified platform.

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  • Import, View and Manage Bill of Materials
  • View and Manage Parts Lists
  • Create Item Codes
  • View & Manage Engineering Changes

Zumen offers a scalable, industry-standard format to estimate part costs and ensures that the costing is integrated with Part Life Cycle.

Manage all the sourcing communications and monitor sourcing contracts in real time.

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  • Create and Manage multiple RFPs
  • Create and Manage Cost Estimates
  • Send Request for Quotations
  • Perform Quotation Negotiations
  • Perform Sourcing Approvals
  • Create and Manage Purchase Orders (Standard, Blanket, Spot)
  • Monitor and Review Ordered Parts Status

A comprehensive dashboard for searching for and onboarding new suppliers, managing negotiations, and monitoring supplier performance.

Zumen offers the opportunity to discover and engage with new suppliers with a single click, and the onboarding process is handled completely online.

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  • Add, View and Manage Suppliers
  • Evaluate Suppliers
  • Monitor and Review Supplier Dashboards

Zumen comes with the right set of modules to capture accurate inventory data and keep track of every inventory transaction from shipping to production.

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  • Upload and Monitor Inventory Details
  • Upload and Monitor Warehouse Transactions

An extensive platform for managing production orders, tracking individual line items, and gaining visibility across the production and sales cycles.

Zumen enables online sharing of approved production requirements with Suppliers while tracking any variations.

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  • Capture Sales Plans
  • Create Production Plans
  • Create and Execute Supplier Schedules
  • Monitor Status

Stay connected with your entire Source-to-Pay process with Zumen’s comprehensive dashboard. This all-inclusive module integrates data from multiple sources and exposes users to any pending actions that require immediate attention.

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  • Get Tasks/Approvals Updates and Notifications
  • Perform Required Actions
  • Visibility into Realtime Sourcing Progress

Zumen consolidates every budget item and tracks the status against each item with all the relevant documents in a single system. This allows a strategic advantage on spending with a clear and straightforward spend approval process.

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  • Create and Manage Budget Cycle and Budget Items
  • Execute Budget Approvals
  • Monitor and Review Budget Spends

Zumen’s most efficient AI and ML models enable fast and accurate data capture from invoices by eliminating tiresome manual efforts. Buyers and Purchase Managers can achieve greater accuracy with Zumen’s error-free invoice processing and effective payments management.

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  • Upload and Manage Invoices
  • View Payment Status
  • View and Manage Credit/Debit Notes
  • Interact with Finance Team
  • Execute and Monitor Payment Status

Employee Stories

Pandemic Diaries - Episode 03

June 08, 2021

Every Software Engineer has to make career-defining choices at multiple stages in his/her career. We have to choose between Windows and iOS, frontend and backend, and even whether or not to wear computer glasses. A few of these decisions are life-changing. The best example of this classic dilemma is choosing between an MNC and a Startup, which is also one of the favorite debatable topics in the field.

It’s not an easy decision to make. There are multiple parameters to consider – from work experience and the company’s field of operations to location and benefits offered. Over the years, I had witnessed friends and colleagues spending days together to select the right offer. And before I knew I too was at this crossroad frequented by many.

I got into CTS during my campus placement. There was no confusion back then since it was one of the most sought-after tech giants in the country. After a commendable work experience of over three and half years, I wanted to shift. After weeks of research, preparation, and interviews, I bagged Verizon, a dream company of many software engineers. Just two weeks before my official date of joining, I got a message from Harishankar Krishnamurthy, from Zumen.

He was recruiting and thought my profile suited the company’s requirements and I was officially going to be the first employee. During our conversation I let him know that I already had another offer. He told me that I would be the best fit for his organization, and it for me. He told me to take some time to think about it. I decided to drop it and go with my first offer. After a few days, I received another call from him enquiring if I had rethought my decision. To throw him off track I told him that I might if they offer a package more than the one I had, which honestly, was a little high for my work experience. To my surprise, he responded, “Done!”

For a second I was dazed. I again asked for a week’s time, and upon some thinking decided to still drop the offer. Hari called me again later, and I told him my decision. Later I received a call from Viswanathan, the CEO of Zumen. He wanted to have a discussion with me in person. Since I had already made up my mind, I had no reason to say no. So, I met Viswa two days before my date of joining Verizon. Just as we sat down, I asked him everything that was running on my mind –

What is your plan for getting customers?

Do we have investors?

How big is the product?

Will I have a future here?

He calmly answered my volley of questions one by one. At the end of the discussion, I was intrigued. In fact, I came to share his belief in the company’s vision. There was also this excitement about being the first member of something that was going to be big. I declined the offer from Verizon and joined Zumen. I was the first employee and got to work directly with the CEO.

After two years of being here, all my reservations about joining a startup were proved wrong. We are now a fast-growing organization with over 40 employees and a revolutionary product. Thinking back to that day I now realize that every milestone Viswa set for Zumen has been achieved, and at a much faster rate too.

That decision was my leap of faith, and I’m glad I took it.


Full-Stack Engineer