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September 16, 2021
Mitigate Supply Chain Risks with a resilient Procurement Platform
Unforeseen delivery bottlenecks put companies under acute pressure to act. Recent events such as the COVID-19 pandemic, blocking of the Suez Canal, or fire at one of Renesas’ factories (Supplier for automotive controller chips) continue to emphasize this. So it is very important to identify weak points in complex supply chains at an early stage ...
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September 7, 2021
Leverage Technology to meet your 2022 Procurement Goals
We are heading towards Q4 of 2021 and since Covid-19 swept the earth, there are unprecedented interruptions to organizations across the planet. Prioritizing resilient procurement processes has never been more crucial in the face of economic collapse. Where cost control was previously the foremost important item on the procurement agenda, now your main procurement goal ...
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8 Competing Priorities that jeopardize margin improvement initiatives from procurement
The story goes like this: the CFO is asking for a percentage point improvement in the Gross Margin from the Procurement Team in the next Fiscal. This is the most attractive to the CFO as this does not involve the engineering folks requiring redesigning and testing any parts and any additional Product Programs that invariably ...
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Advantages of Source-to-Pay over Procure-to-Pay
So, you are planning to Digitalize your procurement process. The first step to this is deciding whether to invest in a Source-to-Pay or a Procure-to-Pay platform. The first step in your decision process is to understand the functions and limitations of both. Source to Pay is an end-to-end process that aggregates everything from design to ...
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