At Zumen, we believe people should not be tasked with mundane, repetitive tasks, like chasing papers, digging up status, passing communications and approvals from one place to another that could otherwise be taken care by Intelligent Information Systems; Rather, Innovate and Build for Future and for Sustainability.

Unfortunately, enterprises and businesses still require a lot of such mundane tasks to be carried over by engineers. Mainly because business software are quite difficult to use and incomplete; many parts of the enterprise processes are left out.

Now, We have set ourselves a big, audacious goal of correcting this.

We build Easy-to-Use Enterprise Applications with Zero Implementation Overhead. No large contracts, months of negotiation, even more discussions on features and then, months or years of customization and deployment.

Our unique strength comes from a deep domain expertise in product manufacturing companies worldwide and continuous process improvements in Operations, Supplier Management, Product Development and Global Product Launches.

Today, several large-scale product manufacturing enterprises are evaluating Zumen for their Business Processes.